SF&DS have different types of service and care. Standard Care is the kind of service that virtually every machine manufacturer offers: when problems arise, assistance is offered and the necessary parts are supplied.
The level of assistance offered by SF&DS's Preventive Care service goes much further. With this service category we make daily care almost completely unnecessary. Timely inspections and regular maintenance and replacement serve to prevent malfunctions, and the production process is able to continue without unwanted interruptions.
Lifetime Care is a unique service programme devised by SF&DS to ensure that customers’ existing installations do not have to be replaced by new ones if they decide to change over to a new product or a new method of packaging or a new process, or upon moving to a new production site. Lifetime Care is an extensive package of features, modifications and customised solutions specifically designed to extend the useful technological life – but above all the economic life – of installations and lines. In this way we ensure that our customers’ production processes have the ongoing ability to survive and thrive under the most favourable technical and economic conditions.