Speed of production is a hot item. It is becoming increasingly important to prevent downtime caused by the failure of parts or components in the line. The design of the SF&DS Asep-Tec is a good example of this approach. Various measures have been taken to prevent downtime in the event of a failure. If something goes wrong in one of the filling lanes, for example, the lane is simply shut down, thus preventing empty bottles from entering the defective lane. For the other lanes it’s “Business as usual”. This means that the machine can carry on (at almost full capacity) and doesn’t need to be shut down to repair the defective part until the machine has finished its charge. Another design feature of this machine is that all moving parts, as well as parts that have to be pre-set, are located outside the filling area. As a consequence, all resetting can be done without the need for a time-consuming sterilisation process.