We see that the production costs of “everyday” products, such as fresh milk, have come under heavy pressure. The production must be done at the highest possible level of efficiency and at ever-lower cost in order to bring the products to market at a competitive price. The price is important, but the consumer also expects high quality. This type of product is usually processed on dedicated lines, i.e. lines designed for large volumes of a single product and just one type of packaging.
Then we have the “added value” products. Milk with added flavour, milk containing various supplements, vitamins, minerals or “good” bacteria, luxury fruit juices with or without pulp... Packaged in an eye-catching bottle, designed by the producer with a unique shape and label to make it stand out from other brands. For this type of product, use is made of flexible lines that permit fast and easy resetting. The ability to quickly change the product on the line is dictated by the need to have smaller, multiple production runs on a day-to-day basis. In this case the quality, taste and appearance of the product are more important than the price. To stand out from the competition, producers will often decide to customise in-house and make their own uniquely shaped bottles with the aid of a blowmoulder.SF&DS pursues an active policy aimed at endowing all SF&DS brand machines with the greatest possible flexibility, also in the case of equipment destined for use on a dedicated line. As a result, the dedicated line operation can continue even when another product or different packaging has to be processed. This offers greater assurance for future operations and makes investments more viable and future-oriented. In a word, future-proof.