Extended shelflife (ESL) products have many advantages for the “production/supply chain”, from producer, all the way to retailer and consumer. Compared to “fresh”, ESL products have a longer shelf life compared to fresh products meaning logistics are easier (long distance shipment, less frequent supplies etc.) so it supports the marketing of special value-added low-volume products. The ESL process also contributes to product safety and product image. The concept of succesfull ESL processing is easy: raw product is processed to remove all pathogenic organisms, substances can be added to modify taste, colour or texture, and while avoiding recontamination the product is packaged and distributed at low-temperature. Controlling the entire process means in fact controlling the shelf life expectation. All variables, inputs and every process step must be mapped and critical points must be identified. Shelf life of ESL products is all about statistics. SF&DS has the knowledge and the systems to help you do your business!