The shelf life of a product depends on three procedures:

The treatment, which the product has undergone in order to exterminate harmful organisms;
The packaging, which must ensure that the quality does not diminish during the storage period;
The filling process that should proceed in such a way to prevent the treated product from getting contaminated again with microorganisms.
These three procedures must closely harmonise with each other and all three of them must be in compliance with the highest requirements. If the quality of one of the three processes is less, an extended shelf life product is out of the question.
The experiences of having delivered more than 200 blowmoulding machines, 1000 UHT processors and 75 linear aseptic and semi-aseptic fillers, 150 rotary weight fillers as well as many hundreds of continuous sterilizers have formed SF&DS‘s Tri-Tec approach.
This concept symbolises the integrity and the quality of the end product, a combination of packaging, processing and filling technology.