The unique air management system is a combination of a very small aseptic zone and the special air distribution system is the most important innovation in the Asep-Tec. The principle is based on a unique combination of overpressure and downward flow force. The aseptic’s zone overpressure prevents non-sterile air from penetrating the aseptic zone. The laminar down flow keeps the area sterile and carries off possible contamination. This is quite different from cross air flow systems where air passes many bottles before leaving the system. The Asep-Tec®’s air management system prevents recontamination of the bottles without the need to create an active environment in the entire machine.

Renewing the air volume several times per minute in the aseptic zone safeguards the sterile conditions. Another advantage of this design is that it uses low pressure air supplied by fans and HEPA filters, rather than high pressure air. The air management system not only ensures sterility but also maintains a constant temperature to prevent product drying on the filling valves. When products are filled at a low temperature the air can be dried to prevent condensation on the bottles.

Obviously the main challenge with equipment of this type is to maintain the required conditions in the aseptic zone. For this reason we have minimised the size of this zone and the number of mechanical components in it.