Efficiency is of the greatest importance. Production lines have to run flawlessly and not be affected by (lengthy periods of) downtime for reconfiguration, resetting or breakdowns. Producers are well aware of this and are increasingly passing the performance responsibility for a completely integrated production line to the OEM supplier. Then there is no discussion about who is responsible for what and who does what. They find this better than purchasing separate components from different vendors and then having their own people assemble a system. If a problem arises in the latter situation, it may often be difficult to pin down the responsible party. SF&DS has solved this with the Tri-Tec concept. Three optimally matched components for aseptic lines: a very flexible low-energy UHT processor, a blowmoulder for the in-house manufacture of the required bottles, and a flexible, extremely reliable aseptic filler. SF&DS supplies a complete line, backed up by ironclad warranties for production capacity, sterility and quality.