Currently the following modules are supplied:

Aseptic neck trimmer
With this option, your Asep-Tec® filler can handle closed aseptically blown bottles. Each bottle lane has a dedicated trimmer. After external sterilization, the neck cutting unit trims the bottle and removes the scrap. A laser sensor ensures that problem bottles are automatically ejected from the filler. The neck trimmer integrates fully with the Asep-Tec®’s computer control system.

Nitrogen purge unit
Fruit juices, vitamin-enriched dairy products (e.g. baby food), clinical and pharmaceutical products could all be affected by oxygen during filling and subsequent storage. After sterilization, the nitrogen purge unit eliminates oxygen from the container. The container is then filled with the product and receives a final purge to eliminate oxygen from the headspace/bottle cap. The system is carefully engineered to combine the lowest possible nitrogen consumption with an effective purge cycle.

Aseptic screw cap unit
The standard aluminium seal unit of the Asep-Tec® can be replaced by a screw cap unit. This unit includes a cap sterilization station.

Additional filling modules
An additional filling module can be added. Two-stage filling allows for an increased throughput capacity, while maintaining filling accuracy. Special filling modules are available for products containing large particulates.

FDA execution
A special execution of the Asep-Tec® to comply with the FDA regulations for low-acid products, is also available.