Light (UV radiation) and oxygen are elements that may negatively affect the quality of your product and should be kept outside of the packaging. That means that glass by and large is not a good method of packaging for extended shelf life dairy products. This leaves us with two alternatives: cartons and plastic. More and more manufacturers prefer plastic bottles, as they provide the possibility to give the product its own individual appearance, enabling decisive differentiation from other products. SF&DS supplies a blow-moulding machine capable of making plastic bottles in every desired shape and size. Those bottles can be made fully open or closed. In the latter case, the bottle is filled with sterile air. In order to keep light outside of the bottle, the bottle is composed of three layers, the middle layer being black and therefore obstructing light. In case the product to be packaged is sensitive to oxygen, we apply an additional layer that constitutes a barrier against that oxygen. To allow this layer to bond tightly, we apply two adhesive layers, thereby creating a six-layer bottle. By utilising coextrusion, this type of bottles can be made on the SF&DS Blow-moulding machine in a single manufacturing operation. This results in high-grade packaging that protects the product and ensures extended shelf life.