SF&DS supply a full range of integrated systems and equipment for dairy processing and packaging : UHT- sterilization, in-container sterilization, two-stage sterilization, aseptic filling,filling of ESL products and bottle blowmoulding systems.
With this equipment 5 different line concepts are offered:

  • Line for pasteurised products
  • Line for ESL (extended Shelf Life) products
  • Line for UHT sterilised and aseptic packed products
  • Line for In-container sterilisation
  • Two-Stage sterilisation line

The key difference in the various line concepts is in the combination of processing, filling and packaging design. With its longstanding experience with all aspects of shelf life, SF&DS has an array of technical solutions ranging from systems for extended shelf life products in the cool chain to in-container sterilized (retorted) products and aseptically filled dairy and juice products.