Quality Manual

JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. recognizes the importance of a Quality Management System and has its Policy for Quality ‘translated’ into a Quality Manual, that is part of the Company Manual. The policy is based on 2 principles:

  • Every employee is responsible for his personal contribution to the quality of the product and the process he is working on
  • Continuous improvement can be accomplished using the Demming Circle of Plan, Do, Check and Act.

The Quality Management System is integrated in JBT's business management and is ISO 9001 certified. The basic rule of the QMS is managing and continuously optimizing the processes, skills and competences of our employees and the result of our cooperation with our suppliers and partners.
The Board of Directors of JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. is making the employees aware of the mutual benefits of living up to and maintaining the Quality Management System can offer.