Safety Rules

JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. also incorporates the supply chain in its approach to sustainability and quality. We don’t make any distinction between ourselves or our suppliers and contractors in our policy for quality and SH&E.

(Potential) suppliers are invited to fill out a standard Request for Information on their certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, VCA etc), documented Quality and Environmental Management Systems, compliances with SH&E law & regulations etc. More information is gathered through audits carried out by our purchasers.

Based on this information our preferred suppliers are selected through a standardized selection method. During cooperation the performance of each supplier is monitored by both Strategic and Operational Purchasing. The results are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Employees of suppliers and contractors, who carry out activities on behalf of JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. in our premises or at a customer site, are informed on our SH&E rules.