JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. is specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of processing and packaging machinery for the dairy, juice and food processing industries.

Quality, taste and production cost

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The market offers many opportunities. To be successful, you, as a manufacturer, must respond to this. JBT's technologies offer the possibility of making quality products in a cost-effective way and pack them in a way that suits your target group.

Process, package and filling method are directly related to each other. So what it really comes down to is making the right choices, selecting the right processes, the right range of containers and production systems thus providing the added value that enables you to strengthen and enhance your market position.

JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. has systems for every type of processing and package and therefore knows the various advantages and disadvantages. As a result, JBT has the necessary expertise and welcomes the opportunity to share this with you, in order to arrive at the optimal, most profitable choices for you. 


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The JBT playing field

With JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V.'s equipment you can set up a flexible processing and packing line to handle your products efficiently while optimising their quality. JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. has a long experience of helping customers to improve the quality and shelf life of their products through effective processing and packaging operations. Not only by just building machinery, but also by offering marketing solutions that make a product stand out from the crowd. Our range of solutions includes sterilisers and pasteurisers, bottle blow moulders and hygienic and aseptic filling machines. You can rely on us to help you select the right machinery to handle a wide variety of products, improve shelf life, and keep detailed records to meet regulatory requirements. All to provide you with the best possible product and packaging that fits the brand strategy.


Packaging choices

packaging conceptsThe packaging must not only look attractive but it must also protect the contents against the environment.

Glasshas an excellent gas and UV barrier, but does not block visible light. Carton is light-proof and reasonably gas-tight. Modern plastic bottles can be fabricated in several layers, which makes them impermeable to oxygen and at the same time block UV light without losing transparency.

Non-transparent plastic bottles, for example made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), can be blowmoulded in a six-layer variant, which provides a very good barrier to both light and oxygen.

JBT supplies lines for every type of package and every form of preservation so according to your choice of process or package.


Filling systems

Depending on the processes used, the type of package and the required shelf life, the appropriate filling system can be chosen for your operation. Here too, JBT offers every possible choice. There are systems for Standard filling, High Hygienic, Ultra Clean and also Aseptic filling.