Offering single-supplier capability, JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. supplies complete systems and integrated lines in the fields of processing, fillng and packaging. JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. can supply both single machines and complete lines. Our equipment can be used for extending the shelf life of products in the cool chain, or producing ambient shelf stable products All in order to preserve the quality you produce.

line pasteurised

Pasteurisation is a gentle heat treatment, which serves to destroy pathogenic organisms present in the raw product, which minimising impairment of the original organoleptic properties, vitamins and nutritional value. For the packaging of daily fresh, pasteurised products, JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. has configured a line, which combines a high production output with a high accuracy of fill, efficiency and flexibility.


line esl JBT Food & Dairy Systems B.V. has developed this line concept for pasteurised products with an extended shelf life (ESL products). Depending on the required shelf life, an ultra-high pasteurisation process can be selected.




line asepticSterilisation is employed for products requiring a shelf life of 3-6 months. During Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT), the product is heated at a high temperature for a few seconds and rapidly cooled. The benefit offered by UHT sterilisation is that the flavour and texture of the product are hardly impaired thanks to the rapid heating and cooling. Typical examples of products suitable for this method of treatment and packaging are milk, coffee cream, yoghurt drinks, vitamin- and mineral-enriched milk, as well as fruit juices. The product is UHT-sterilised in a JBT Sterideal system.

line icsWith in-container sterilisation, the packaged product is sterilised after the container has been filled and hermetically sealed.  Hence, the product is sterilised inside the container.  This method offers the benefit of single-stage sterilisation and eliminates the need for aseptic packaging. The products can be packaged in rigid, semi-flexible, or flexible packaging as long as the package can withstand thermal treatment.  Typical products utilising this method are soups, meats, vegetables, dried beans, and non-heated sensitive low-acid beverages.

line twostageDuring two-stage sterilisation, the product is subjected to first-stage in-flow (UHT) sterilisation and packaged into glass or plastic bottles, followed by a second-stage in-container sterilisation. The two-stage sterilisation line is employed for the production of high-quality, long life products, eliminating the need for effecting the filling operation under aseptic conditions.  Hence, this line is eminently suitable for processors wanting to fill and package low-acid liquids at high capacity and moderate costs.