The JBT Blowmoulder produces bottles in every possible shape. The moulds are easily changed to accommodate a different container design. Innovative bottle designs can make your product stand out and lead to a stronger brand position The JBT bottle blow-moulding equipment produces lightweight HDPE bottles, which are available both in open, non-sterile and in closed, internally sterile versions and can produce bottles ranging in size from 0.2 to 3.0 litres. The centrepiece of the blow-moulder is the carrousel, which contains the bottle moulds. Depending on the capacity required it is possible fit between 4 to 14 moulds per carousel. The blow-moulder can be converted to different bottle sizes in a minimal amount of time.






Rotary blow moulder

blowmoulderThe JBT blow-moulder is designed to produce mono or multi-layer bottles with oxygen and UV blocking layers to protect the product from external influences. The equipment will in these cases be supplied with extra extruders so that 3-layer bottles (light barrier) or 6-layer bottles (light and oxygen barrier) are produced in a co-extrusion process. Capacity: up to 7500 bottles per hour.