sterideal3The JBT Sterideal in-flow processor is the most versatile unit available on the market today. Essentially, it consists of a helical configuration of concentric double-tube, triple-tube and/or multi-tube heat exchanger modules. With the possibility of regenerating up to 86% of the process heat, the Sterideal is clearly an energy efficient steriliser. The perfectly smooth and seamless construction of the product channel from inlet to outlet eliminates food and dirt traps, which ensures minimum loss of production during cleaning.

sterideal2Furthermore, the helical configuration has a favourable effect on the heat transfer, especially for high-viscous products like puddings and custards.
The system can be used for sterilisation, pasteurisation, cooling, heating and heat generation, of dairy and Soya products (Sterideal), fruit- and vegetable juices (Sterijuice), puddings and custards (Steripudd) and tomato paste, diced tomatoes and diced pineapple (Steritom).

Capacity: 2500 to 30000 litres per hour.